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Website design & development: Why Choose Us?

To build a respected and trusted website design company takes time, dedication, passion and hard work! JVP Business Solutions are one of the Nations’s fastest growing web design companies and we believe that no other can match our great services at the prices we offer.

Great web design for everyone – time and time again…

A great customer base comes from delivering a great service time and time again.

At JVP Business Solutions our designers are experienced in all aspects of website design and web marketing and we have many satisfied clients to prove it.

However, our service does not stop there. We offer many value-added services to help businesses grow and reap the benefits of trading on the Internet.

Stunning design – without design agency fees

We are an honest company that believes passionately in itself and the services we provide. We strive to create websites that look and function to the highest standards – every time, and we offer all of this at a fraction of the cost that many busineses would expect to pay.

We know you are likely considering several web design companies right now.

To help you understand why choose us.

Consider what sets us apart:

  1. Full-service company

    We don’t just design websites or just create logos, we can help with every aspect of your brand online. This can make your life much easier because you won’t need several agencies coordinating to build your overall online strategy.

  2. Custom web designs

    We start every website with the end result in mind. Every website is unique in it’s style, content and goals each of which needs to be considered as a web design is created. Just like a custom fitted fishing rod will improve the amount of fish you catch much more than that bargain set from the megamart. Remember If you want to catch more fish … then you need the right fishing equipment, so cramming your website content into a pre-made template simply isn’t effective. We also work with you until you are happy with your website design, no limit to the number of revisions.

  3. No salesmen, just web people giving advice

    When you speak with us, you’re going to speak directly with the person designing or building your website. We don’t have a sales department trying to get you to sign up for the latest, greatest and most expensive options we have. The people putting quotes/bids together for you are the people who design and build your website. When you request a quote we’ll talk with you about your specific needs and discuss various options that can fit in your budget. We’re not here to take every dime you have, we want to find the right solution that will work for you.

  4. We’re your partner, not just your web design company

    Working with you is much more fun and productive than working for you. If you’ve never had a website before, it may seem daunting to get started. Even business owners who have had a website for a long time still may not totally understand how it all works and why. We want to help educate you about anything related to websites and web marketing even if it means having a 2 hour visit to explain the difference between Facebook and Twitter.

  5. We wear ourselves out trying to make customers happy

    Again, we’re not sales people – it’s honestly not what we enjoy doing. The easiest way to get new customers is to have happy customers who then tell all their friends, family and colleagues about us. Making you happy actually makes our lives easier as we all know referrals are always a great way to build a business. So, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure you have a website you love and tell everyone about.


  1. Design your website after listening to your own ideas as well as providing our creative input into your project. We pledge to create a site that you are happy with and that we believe works for you.
  2. Continue to work on your site until you are 100% happy with every aspect. We do not limit you to a set number of hours of development like many other web companies.
  3. Provide you with unlimited web designs
  4. Keep you informed throughout the whole design and development process
  5. Include 1 year’s free high speed, highly reliable, secure hosting for your site.
  6. Include free email
  7. Include content management as standard with all sites!
  8. Include any images you may want from our quality image library for use on your site
  9. Provide technical site support
  10. Provide you with our expertise and guidance when needed to ensure your site looks as professional as possible

You’ll get a whole lot more with us – for less, that is why choose us!

Our Guarantee

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 100+ Gbps capacity
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Enterprise Datacenters

Customer Review

“My experience with JVP Business Solutions was 100% positive! They provided answers to everything requested and required for our new website”

Jason Duncan, CEO DuncanWorks.com

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