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Small Business Marketing: Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Be on Facebook… (facebook marketing)

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Does your small business marketing plan include facebook?

What steps if any are you taking to implement Facebook marketing in to your small business marketing plan?

Below you will find a list of 7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Be on Facebook. (and why facebook should be part of your small business marketing strategy)

  1. Depending on where your business is and who your customers are, Facebook is part of daily life for many, or even the majority, of your customers. Therefore facebook should be a part of your small business marketing strategy.
  2. There’s also a competitive element, eventually, most businesses are going to be on Facebook. The first local business to “beat the big guys (nationwide chains)” in getting a following from their local community would get strong momentum with local Facebook users and might go on to get hundreds of Facebook fans. Among local competitive businesses, they’ll be known as “the one on Facebook.” Local businesses that try to implement facebook in to their small business marketing strategy later will probably find it harder to get the same response.
  3. You can reach into people’s networks of friends, family members, and co-workers. Once you get a couple of key influencers in a group of friends to, say, come to an event that you’re sponsoring, the rest may well follow.
  4. Your Facebook fan page can reach many of your customers, particularly those 30 and under. Simply having them see your business on Facebook will help you stay connected with them.
  5. You can use Facebook Places and Deals as part of your small business marketing to actually bring people into your physical location, call you, order online, however you do business. It’s easy to measure the results of these efforts and to justify the effort you put in.
  6. If you do not have a small business marketing strategy that includes facebook, every time someone looks for your business on Facebook and can’t find it, that’s a negative for you. If they then look for a competitor and do find them instead, it’s a bigger negative for you.
  7. Just the fact that people know you’re on Facebook is a positive, even if they’re not fans (that is, they haven’t “Liked” your fan page). There’s so much positive momentum around Facebook in the press and among ordinary people that simply associating yourself with Facebook is a plus. If you can get your Facebook presence mentioned in online comments and even the print press, as many businesses have, all the better.

If you are in the percentage of small businesses that are not yet on facebook you need to join in!

If your business needs assistance with using facebook for business (Facebook Marketing) Call us at 337-453-4300 or visit our website at  for more details on Small Business Marketing.

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